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What is an ESCROW

An Escrow is a deed or a bond or a contractual arrangement whereby in a transaction between two parties, there is a third party that receives and disburses the property or money when terms and conditions that govern the conduct of the business are fulfilled.

JOINTPESA Transactions Initiation.

The parties then need to create their accounts with the application either on a computer or a mobile phone. The process will require them to input the agreed terms of the deal in the application dialogue boxes such as the Name of Product, Price, Product Specifications, Quantity, Payment details, Delivery period.

Shake Hands and Transact Safely.

The Jointpesa system will use this information to ensure that each party meets their part of the deal before authorizing payment or release of goods and services. The parties must Accept Terms and Conditions before proceeding to use the application. The terms and condition will outline the consequences of each party not meeting their role hence causing a dispute.


Buyers benefit

JointPesa tracks the shipped merchandise and verifies it was delivered. The Seller isn't paid until the Buyer accepts the merchandise, or the inspection period expires.

Sellers benefit

JointPesa confirms when the Buyer receives merchandise. The Seller is authorized to ship only after JointPesa verifies good funds.

Wave goodbye to worry

At JointPesa, we know uncertainty doesn't feel good. You can rely on us to ensure your merchandise or payment is protected with every transaction.

Defend your dough

When your transaction happens behind the JointPesa shield, you can be certain your funds will be safeguarded by our simple payment steps.

Simplify the sale

It's our job to sweat the small stuff. We'll make sure your sale is safeguarded from fraud while you focus on your business.